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Coins for D&D

Posted by Fallon Foster on

I do love me some D&D props.  I've tried printing currency for our games in the past but it was never practical with the old printer.  This new printer changed that though and after touching up my original models I've got it cranking out reliable coins like clockwork.  It's practically a fantasy mint!

I based the coins off the D&D model (cp, sp, etc) but added the "Dragon" to balance out the high end of the scale.  I've been using them during our own games for a couple months and after some tweaks the coins are turning out pretty practical.  They're certainly more fun (and convenient) than making hash marks on a character sheet! 

So I figure if they're handy for me they'll probably be handy for others.  And if I'm going to sell them on the shop I may as well include a stylin' coinpurse. =)  The standard set is about 1100gp (40 gp and 10 of all the others) which might change as I get feedback.  The listing is available here.