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Coffee Table Retrofit

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Long ago we were in need of a coffee table and fortuitous serendipity yielded a few pieces of lumber.  Most of it was scrap from a friend of a friend but in particular we received a laminated, solid oak slab from my brother-in-law.  So back then I employed my burgeoning carpentry know-how to slap all these parts into a coffee table.  And for awhile it worked pretty well.

As it happened I didn't anticipate that we'd get in the habit of propping our feet against the surface of the table.  Of the course of the last four years this caused the table to develop a pretty noticeable wobble.  I shored it up with some brackets about a year ago but it really needed to be rebuilt.  So since I was juggling construction and lumber anyway I used this project as a bit of a "warm-up" for the bigger projects.

The new structure is the same fundamental design as my workbench so it's relatively quick to assemble (took me about half the day) and solid as all heck.  I'll be surprised if there's any wobble in the next 5 years.