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Busted Luxury Purse Strap Duplicated

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This wound up being a rush order to get in the mail before we left for PAX (tomorrow morning) so I can label it "Mission Accomplished" on all objectives!  The client owned a luxury purse strap from one of those big brands.  I'm not so sure if I should name which one but they've just started throwing their ads over YouTube so there's there.  In any case, the point where the strap anchored to the purse snapped a few weeks ago.  This particular line of straps had been discontinued and the client was trying to find a replacement.

Fortunately for me this style is numbskull simple.  They'd used some really unconventional dimensions which made finding a replacement buckle pretty challenging.  Once the client was able to send me the original, busted strap that became a non-issue.  I was able to match the dimensions exactly and got pretty darn close on the color.  The buckle and keepers are still the originals.  The biggest difference is that I beveled the edges and did a thorough job of staining and conditioning.  It looks to me like the luxury brand assembles the straps and then gives them a light treatment with some neatsfoot oil or something similar.  I'm pretty unimpressed for what they apparently charge.