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Belt Pouch

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Truth be told, the card sleeve wasn't that complicated a thing (not relative to some of my previous builds) but it was still nice to get back to some simplicity.  Though, at the start, I'd intended to replicate part of a Fairy Tail character's outfit so that cosplayers would have something to go with that actually looks like what's on the show.  Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard who summons these celestial spirits using keys she keeps on a ring a leather pouch on her belt.  The pouch kept catching my eye and triggering the "Go build that" portion of my brain but the details of it keep changing on the show (for one thing, it seems to be anywhere from 3-12" tall depending on the frame) and the 2-3 variants already available manage to not only not look like any of the variations on the anime, but also not each other.  Fortunately, square one's as good a place to start as any and I did have the one close-up of the key pouch that's so far come up in the show.

To make a fairly long story much shorter, building the cosplay pouch is imminently do-able but I'd need to be able to get a measurement on the keys to make it the right size.  That turned out to be a bit of a roadblock so for the time being I figured I'd stitch in some walls, leave off the hook and Fairy Tail logo and make a nice little leather pouch.  I did just that and I'm quite satisfied with the results.  Very satisfied.  I'll probably make the Lucy Heartfilia key pouch soon, for all those cosplayers who need just the right bit, but for the rest of us I reckon this pouch'll do just well.