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Announcing New Product Lines

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Over time I've built up quite a collection of patterns for various pouches, bags, and other common leather items.  Keeping them all straight can be a challenge and while I use what amounts to a filing system to keep them in order that doesn't really help my customers.  This has been something on my mind for awhile now and there's been a ready solution just waiting to be enacted.  So I've re-arranged my shop in order to fit things into product lines.  It's my hope that this will make it easier for a prospective client to describe what they're looking for.

Edit:  The Product Lines I'm able to offer changes from time to time so I would suggest going to this page to see a current list.


  • The Horseman: A large belt pouch (6" x 3" x 2") that closes with a keeper for the quickest and most convenient access.
  • The Spaceman: Similar to the Horseman but it closes with a snap for a stronger fastening.
  • The Crusader: A smaller pouch (2.75" x 2" x 1") made from one piece of leather and closed with a snap.
  • The Trunk: Another larger pouch featuring internal partitions that divide it into 2 or 3 pockets.
  • The Shutterbug: A custom made pouch fit to a specific camera.
  • The Adventurer: A drawstring pouch perfect for carrying dice featuring custom tooling.

Messenger Bags

  • The Professional: A crisp, clean cut messenger bag equally suited for business or pleasure.
  • The Sprite: A flat messenger bag made to resemble the 2D sprites of retro video games. Great for carrying tablets.
  • The Easy Rider: A flexible messenger bag that can be rolled up for easy carry on a motorcycle or bike. (Coming this Spring)

Guitar Straps

  • The Bard: A two piece guitar strap who's length is adjustable with a feed-through system.  Tooled with a unique and personal design of the client's choice.


  • The Workman: A utilitarian, all leather belt perfect for everyday wear.
  • The Boot Scoot: A 1.75" wide belt tooled with the recipient's name and a series of icons.
  • The Mayor: A unique, personal belt made from multiple layers of leather for a one of a kind look.


  • The Gamemaster: A latigo box perfect for carrying game pieces, pencils, erasers, etc 


  • The Slim: A slimmed down card sleeve just large enough for carrying a few credit cards and some cash.
  • The Slab: A distinguished and practical bifold wallet with space for at least 8 cards and plenty of cash. (Coming soon)

Mason Jar Holdsters

  • The Traveler: A sturdy and convenient holster/wrap for a 500ml/16 oz mason jar (about the volume of a large tumbler)
  • The Tankard: A larger holster for a 1/2 gallon jar, fastens more securely to the jar and features a rigid handle. (Coming Soon)