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Adapted Binder

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This started as a run-of-the-mill leather binder on a short deadline.  The client needed to receive it in NY in time to fill it full of goodies and ship it to their nephew (who's just starting to DM) in Chicago.  So you can probably imagine my ARG! when I finally finished the stitching and bolted the rings in to find that it didn't completely close.  I'd made a typo in the draft (10.75 instead of 10.25) so the backing was just a little too long.  It wasn't that large of a change but it shifted the back of the binder over a little over an 1" from the edge of the front.

If I'd had a week or two I could've dismantled the whole thing and repaired the error.  Lacking that I decided to stitch a flap over the lid that would wrap around the back and close with velcro.  It was an improvised solution and the best I could do with a minimal amount of time but I think the result's turned out fairly well.  I'm sure I can do better with it if the binder is designed with the modification in mind.  So I'm tempted to develop a new model of "deluxe" binder based off that pattern.  It's a lot of material so it'd raise the price of the binder but it's something I hope to look into in 2017.

Edit: As worried as I was about the package arriving on time, the client received it just a few days later.  They've got plenty of time to set it up and get it on its way to Chicago! \o/