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A Viney Bangle

Posted by Fallon Foster on

Some days ago I'd received a request to make a bangle with a "vine" design.  A bit of a loose specification but not anything I haven't done before.  I briefly considered an intricate pattern that would've covered the entire bangle in vines and leaves.  Then I recalled the 8-9 hours it takes to complete the round braid along 14" of edging.  Heavy tooling would've had a pretty hard time surviving that, and probably wouldn't have been too visible from a distance anyway.  Maybe next time. =)

The design was hand cut in the end and I used a mix of Saddle Tan antiguing gel and a finishing agent to do the staining.  Because the impressions were so deep you can really see the contrast between the grain and the tooling.

When it came time for the photography I took one set in the light tent and another set on my workbench (which has ample natural light).  I've noticed that the light tent seems to dampen down the colors of whatever I photograph inside it, or at least those items seem much more vibrant when photographed in natural sun light.  This is probably the sort of thing I could fix in post editing once Android allows images to be saved in RAW format, but I'm not sure when that change is expected.