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3 Piece Guitar Strap & Latigo Ruler Case

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This was a pretty big order for woman in the UK who's partner happens to be a fan of gibson guitars.  She had a very clear idea of what she was looking for in a gift for said partner and once we'd settled on the details I set about trying to bring that idea into reality.  The pencil case is something I've made several times though never quite this long (31 cm, about a foot).  The construction was tried and true but any longer and I don't think the creases would hold.

The guitar strap was another matter.  This was my first time working with this pattern and it was certainly a learning experience.  I triple counted the stitches so I'm pretty sure the twist that developed in the center piece will work out over time.  It's an interesting design and when I get a chance I think I'd like to modify it into something I could add as a regular item for the store.  As it was I was hard pressed to get this order finished by the deadline to ship it.  By working through the weekend I managed to set the final stitch about 1.5 hours before the post office closed.  That didn't leave me too much time to set up any photos but hopefully they still get the notion across.