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2D Messenger Bag Prototype

Posted by Fallon Foster on

This is largely the reason why it's been pretty quiet around here for awhile.  I'd gotten the notion from a Tested video showing a bag of similar design that Will had bought off Amazon.  In the video he mentions a few things he wished were different about the bag he had and I figured I could make all those things happen.  The bag itself is simple enough to understand when you look at it but turns out to be fairly difficult to describe to people with words.  As I understand it, the original inspiration was apparently cartoons but my first thought were the classic sprite-based graphics in what we'd now call "retro" video games.

It was a few months before I had the chance to give it a go due to other projects and that whole life thing and it turned out to be an unexpectedly complicated build when I got down to it.  There's a little more than a dozen pieces of leather stacked in about four layers with contours that have to line up just so.  That may not sound like much but five days of holding the mental CAD pattern for this thing in my head was giving me a headache.  The result of which is a prototype that's taught me a fair bit and is currently on its way to San Francisco for Mr. Smith and Mr. Chan to gauge (one might even say "test") whether it meets their criteria.  I'm looking forward to what they'll have to say but in the meantime, interested parties can always order their very own custom 2D messenger bag through the Etsy store.